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Carrie and JW founders of
Awaken New Hampshire Spirits
We would like to
dedicate our site to Carrie's
Grandmother Carol 
December 2 1943 ~
September 19 2011 
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York County Jail 
This is the oldest jail. We were in York Maine with our friend Roxie Zwicker { Her site} As we were at the jail I was taking a ton of photos like always and we had a wonderful visitor come into the photo for us! You can see him on the right hand side of the photo. This photo will also be in the York Maine photo album.
Ohio State Reformatory

 Here is a class A EVP from Ohio Reformatory. dont even know.wav




ANHS with Zak,Nick and Aaron from Ghost Adventures!

We are in the Ohio State Reformatory 



Check out the wonderful pictures we got from the 1686 house with our friends Karen Mossey,Leo and Linda Mofit and Debby Constantino . We will also be adding new EVPs as well.


A grave is braced not just by a tombstone but by Angels as well  ~Adabella Radici~





 JW and Carrie made and donated a hack box to be auctioned off at Ohio Reformatory. Dave Schrader from Darkness Radio is the man in the video.







                              We are proud members of Ghost Adventures Crew 


 Now I set up my infrared
I pray that I will film the dead
If I should die before I tape
I'll be back an EVP to make

~ Ghost Hunter's Prayer










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 We are based in the

Monadnock Region.

We do travel outside of the 

Monadnock Region for






God Bless America







Carrie & Jackson with

Lisa Williams




**Please Note**

Not all of our cases 

are added to our web

page. We have clients

who wish to keep their case 

private. We also do not add

business, unless the 

business owner wants

the case public.









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Here we are with our very good friends Mark and Debby Constantino EVP specialist @ Ohio Reformatory 2010.We were in the basement of the prison.


Carrie with Chip Coffey @ the Ohio Reformatory . Everyone's pictures were coming out blurry in this corner. There were some "others" who wanted in the photo as well.


Carrie and JW with Zak,Nick and Aaron from Ghost Adventures

@ Ohio Reformatory


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